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Buffalo Bill Cody

Buffalo Bill Cody was born William Frederick Cody, and at the age of 11 his father died. As the middle child of seven brothers and sisters, William Cody had to go to work to help support his family. His first job was carrying messages on horseback between wagon trains for a freight company. For a […]

Old West Book Review: The Many Loves of Buffalo Bill

The Many Loves of Buffalo Bill. This book is a short introduction to the personal life of “Buffalo Bill” Cody who was born William F. Cody, in 1846 in Scott County, Iowa.  He had a brother and three sisters who adored him, plus a worried mother who wanted the best for her son.  William’s father […]

Buffalo Bill Cody

One of the Old West’s most famous personalities quite possibly received his fame because someone else refused it.  On July 24, 1869 Ned Buntline was looking for fresh material. Now Buntline was a prolific writer of fictionalized books about the Old West called “dime novels.” At $20,000 a year Buntline was by far the highest […]


Everybody knows about Buffalo Bill Cody.  Here’s something about him that most people don’t know.  And I’m sure it will surprise you. Buffalo Bill Cody was the consummate showman.  Anytime he had the opportunity to get publicity, he took it…even making up stories about himself, and embellishing those that actually happened.  But there was one […]


On December 11, 1872 Buffalo Bill Cody made his first stage appearance in a production of The Scouts of the Prairie. Although he was known as a showman, William Frederick Cody played an important role in the settling of the west. Cody joined the western messenger service of Majors and Russell as a rider while […]