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Western Books You Need To Check Out!

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Jake Cleary Trilogy

“Jake rides a trail of revenge with a Us Marshall at his side.”

“Forced into bounty hunting in order to rebuild his  RISING SUN ranch.

He uses his gun and sometimes a rope to dish out justice.

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Adobe Moon

The untold story of one of our most celebrated lawmen Wyatt Earp.

Western Books "Adobe Moon" by Mark Warren

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Captain Jack Helm

The notorious Texas State Police captain
who developed a reputation as a violent and ruthless manhunter
in Reconstruction Era Texas.

Western Books - Captain Jack Helm

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They Called Him Buckskin Frank

The Life and Adventures of Nashville Franklyn Leslie.

They Called Him Buckskin Frank

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No Hope For Heaven,
No Fear of Hell

The story of a Texas feud that spanned more than three decades
and left several casualties in its wake.

No Hope For Heaven, No Fear of Hell