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Tucson Etiquette

February 10, 1887, Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona Territory – The steady progress of Tucson in the direction of “culchah” and civilization, awakens the liveliest hopes of the future.  As evidence that we are on the right road at last, we append the following rules of deportment posted in the office of a popular old resident of this country:

            1 – Gentlemen entering this office will leave the door wide open, keep their hats on, and walk with the right hand carelessly foundling the handle of their six-shooters.

            2 – Those having no business should remain as long as possible, take a chair and lean against the wall, and may prevent its falling on us.

            3 – Gentlemen are required to smoke, especially during office hours; tobacco will be supplied.

            4 – Spit on the floor, as the spittoons are only for ornament.

            5 – Talk loud or whistle, especially when we are engaged.  If this does not have the desired, effect, sing!  And if that will not answer, then dance, or tell some old story; long ones preferred.

            6 – Put your feet on the tables, or lean against the desk; it will be of great assistance to those writing on them.

            7 – As an office is exclusively for your accommodation, call frequently when you have leisure – especially when we are busy; then ‘tis very pleasant.

            8 – In making your visits, never come alone – the old adage – “the more the merrier.”  Ride your broncos right into the office.  It will make a good laugh all round.  So Long.

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