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He had blue eyes, light brown hair and pale skin. He was one of the greatest cavalry tacticians of his time. When he was born, his name was simply “Curly.” However, when he was a teenager his father gave him his name, which was “Crazy Horse.”

Crazy Horse was an Oglala Sioux chief who showed his skills in war as he took part in the Fetterman fight, the Hayfield fight and the Wagon Box fight. And, he harassed the outposts along the Bozeman Trail until the government abandoned them.

In 1876 when the War Department ordered all Sioux to come to reservations, Crazy Horse ignored their order. Crazy Horse and his people joined Sitting Bull, who had also defied the War Department. In June of 1876, he played a major role in the defeat of Custer.

After the battle, most of the Indians migrated to Canada. But, Crazy Horse and his people stayed in Montana. In May of 1877 he came in and was placed on a reservation near Camp Robinson in Nebraska.

Fearing Crazy Horse was going to leave the reservation, a party was sent to arrest him. On September 5, 1877, while being transferred to jail in the company of soldiers and Indian police, a soldier bayoneted Crazy Horse, and he died.

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