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Get a Free Old West CD With a Photo

COW PictureRichard Smith sent Chronicle of the Old West this picture.  The note that accompanied the picture said, “I started my printed newspaper last month, I enjoyed the articles.  I shot this photo today.  Thought you might enjoy it.”

We do enjoy it.  Richard also said we could use the picture as we wish.  And we will be using it.

This got us thinking.  There are probably other people who are creative with a camera who would like to take pictures that include Chronicle of the Old West as a central element.

We’ll be sending Richard one of our story CD’s as a thank you.

Anyone else who sends us a picture we can use will also get a story CD as a thank you.

So, go out there; take a picture with Chronicle of the Old West as a central element; and send it via email to Dakota@RavenHeart.com.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.     

*For More on the Chronicle of the Old West newspaper, click HERE.

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