In cold weather dry clothes indoors to prevent freezing.Washing Clothes

A little kerosene oil put in the hot starch will prevent it from sticking.

Fold napkins square with the initials on the outside. They should also be ironed perfectly dry, and then put away nicely in the drawer.

Have plenty of the best soap, with borax, starch and bluing at hand. Add borax to the water in the proportion of one tablespoonful to a pail of water.

Sort your clothes in five grades. First, towels, table and bed linen; second, family linen; third, light-colored clothes; fourth, dark-colored clothes; fifth, flannels and stockings.

Colored cotton clothing of delicate shades should have the color set before washing. Add of salt a heaping tablespoonful to each pailful of cold water, and do not apply soap directly to the article.

A teaspoonful of borax to a quart of cold starch will make it stiff. Tablecloths should have as few creases in them as possible. Crease them twice lengthwise; have them very damp and iron them perfectly dry; fold over once or twice, according to their lengths, and place them carefully in a long drawer.

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