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Chuckwagon: Sourdough Biscuits

          Sourdough biscuits were a delicacy whether on the trail or at the ranch.  Once a cook got a good sourdough starter he cherished it like a baby.  On the trail he would store it in a dark, cool place in his chuck wagon.  Here is one cooks recipe for a sourdough starter.

                                                2 cups of lukewarm potato water.
                                                2 cups flour.
                                                1 tablespoon sugar.

           Make potato water by cutting up 2 medium-sized potatoes into cubes, and boil in cups of water until tender.  Remove the potatoes and measure out two cups of the remaining liquid. (The potatoes can be used for the evening meal.)  Mix the potato water, flour and sugar into a smooth paste.  Set the mixture in a warm place until it doubles its original size.

*Courtesy of Chronicle of the Old West newspaper, for more click HERE.

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