We’re going to add another element to the posts on Cowboy to Cowboy.  And that is “Old West Myth and Fact.”  As with anything that has happened in the past, even my exploits, when time gets between the event and the present, a lot of myth begins to surround the fact.  And this is very true with the Old West.

So, we’re going to look at things that we accept as fact and see if it truly was fact.  We’re asking you to put in your two cents, because we could be wrong.  The desire is to discover the truth about how it really happened.

The first topic we’ll cover is cowboys and pistols.  From everything I’ve been able to discover cowboys normally didn’t carry pistols.  First, anytime they were working cattle, the pistol would get in the way.  On a cattle drive a long gun was much more practical.  Any pistols stayed in the chuck wagon.

 Many a cowboy never buckled on a six-shooter because gunmen normally never bothered a man without a gun, and a man without a gun sure wasn’t going to bother a man with one.

 In addition, most western towns wouldn’t allow guns to be carried within the city limits.

What do you say?   


Have you ever wondered how time zones came about?  Well, wonder no more.  All you have to do is to click on the video link below and you’ll know the whole scoop.



A couple of weeks ago I said I had talked to Mary Brown, the head wrangler for Festival of the West and she said to keep an eye on their web site because something exciting was going to happen.

Last night I talked to Jim Brown…Mary’s husband…and he told me to take a look at their web site.

So, when I got back home I did just that.

It seems they have put together some investors and the event is returning in March of 2013. Right now they’re looking at Scottsdale, Arizona’s WestWorld for the venue, but that may change.

They promise the 2013 event will be bigger than ever.

You may want to visit their web site yourself. It’s:


Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29, the Arizona Chapter of the Western Music Association is putting on a celebration of cowboy music at Old Tucson studios in Tucson, Arizona.

Throughout each day, in addition to Old Tucson’s signature shows and attractions, Western Music Association luminaries will perform on multiple stages. Scheduled artists include: The Sons of the Pioneers, The Bill Ganz Western Band, Miss Devon and The Outlaw, Jon Messenger, Bill Barwick, Keeter Stuart, Mountain Saddle Band, The Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Kristyn Harris, David Rychener and Call of the West!

For more information go to:

Incidentally, the picture is of the Sons of the Pioneers.


Today is the 78th birthday of James Drury, TVs Virginian. The Virginian was the first 90-minute color western TV series. It aired from 1962-1971, and was the third longest running western series in the history of television.

The TV show was an adaptation of the 1902 Owen Wister western novel, “The Virginian, A Horseman of the Plains.”

It’s interesting that in both Owen Wister’s novel and the TV show, the lead character was never given a name other than “Virginian.”

The fact that no one knew his real name added mystery to the character.

The two pictures are of James at the time of the Virginian’s TV series and today.

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