For anyone who’s a fan of John Wayne…Actually, I don’t know anyone who isn’t…Michael F. Blake turned me on to a great piece done by Roger Ebert.

One thing about John Wayne, you knew where he stood.  And that was 100% behind the United States.

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We’ve been away for a little over a week on our first Following the Legends cruise to Alaska.

What a ball!  There were twenty of us.  Sunny and I were able to meet some great people…A few of whom will continue as close friends.

The food was unbelievable, and the scenery was awesome.  Everyone saw whales.

We learned about the Old West, went on excursions and ate, ate, ate.

We’re planning another cruise in August of 2013.  I’ll be passing on information as things come together.


We’re headed down the hill to Phoenix to catch a flight to Seattle, Washington to go on our Following the Legends Cruise to Alaska.

Sunny and I, along with a group of Old West enthusiasts are going to be spending a week on Princess Cruise traveling along the inland passage.

During the Alaska gold rush Wyatt Earp, John Clum…founder of the Tombstone Epitaph and mayor of Tombstone…Nellie Cashman…the miner’s angel, both in Alaska and Tombstone…and con-man Soapy Smith were all up there.

In addition it was extremely tough for the gold miners. They had to take a year’s supply of food with them. The food and equipment would weigh about 2,000 pounds. To get these provisions to the gold fields, a prospector would have to make 30 round trips for a total of 2,500 miles. The picture shows the line of miners on the trail.

We’re going to have a lot of fun…Wish you were here.


On July 25 back in 1853 Joaquin Murrieta was supposedly killed by California Rangers led by L.A. Deputy Sheriff Harry Love.

Joaquin and his gang had been terrorizing Anglos in Central California, and the state had put a reward of $6,000 on his head.

Just before the reward deadline had run out Harry Love and his men ran into a group of Mexican outlaws and engaged in a fire-fight.

When I said the reward was “on his head” it was literally that. Love brought in Joaquin’s severed head in a jar of whiskey.

Since there were several Spanish outlaws with the name of Joaquin, many said it wasn’t “the Joaquin.”

But Harry Love didn’t care. He got his $6,000 and later he took Joaquin’s head on tour for a $1 a look.


Did you know that back in the 1870’s the United States was ruled by an Emperor? Well, even back then most of the citizens didn’t know it. Our Emperor was Emperor Norton, and he lived in San Francisco.

If you visit this link you’ll get the full story:

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