We’re in Denver for the weekend attending the WESA apparel show…Looking for new lines for our Dog Jake on-line western store.

Saturday night Bill Barwick, the cowboy singer who’s going to be entertaining us on our Following the Legends Cruise to Alaska, was performing at the Buckhorn Saloon.  We were able to run over there and listen to a couple of sets.  He sure is a great singer and entertainer.

 To hear Bill go to


Saw the Billy the Kid TV show.  If you didn’t you missed a great biography.  That Billy the Kid was sure a unique individual.

Two things struck me about the show.  First, most of the talking heads are friends.  And let me tell you, they picked the cream of the crop.

The second thing was that it was obvious and sad that there is only one picture of Billy the Kid.

That picture has an interesting history.  Right now I’m on my way to Denver, CO.  When I get home, I’ll tell you a bit about the history.



Have you heard about the cruise Sunny and I are putting together? It’s called the Chronicle of the Old West Following the Legends Cruise to Alaska. And you’re invited to come along with us.

As you know Alaska was the last western frontier. Wyatt Earp and John Clum, along with Soapy Smith spent time up there. And don’t forget the gold miners.

The cruise is seven days aboard the Golden Princess. We’ll be stopping at Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and we’ll be visiting the Mendenhall Glacier.

In addition to group Old West presentations, joining us will be cowboy singer Bill Barwick and cowgirl poet Sam DeLeeuw. They’re both Western Music Association Entertainers of the Year.

We’ve put together a package that includes airfare, transportation, taxes, and on board food.
The cruise is July 28 to August 4. Give us a call right away because space is limited.  Call us at 888/DOG-JAKE.


On January 10th at 9/8 Central PBS history series AMERICAN EXPERIENCE will be kicking off a month-long “Wild West” collection with a new show about Billy the Kid.

This should be a must see for anyone interested in The Kid.



  Why did we name our Old West blog “Cowboy to Cowboy”?  At onetime everyone who’s intrigued with the Old West has wanted to be a cowboy… even the ladies.  Unfortunately, for most of us the closest we’ve been able to come to being a real cowboy is to own horses, go on horse pack trips and do a little roping.

We regularly have people come up to us… mostly men… and say they were born 125 years to late.  They should have lived in the Old West.  Incidentally, I would like to go back to the late 1800’s just for a couple of days.  I love my hot showers and flush toilets to much.

I truly believe the Old West is a time and place of the heart.  And in the spirit of that belief whether you’re a working cowboy in Wyoming or a Los Angeles banker living in a high‑rise apartment, if you love the Old West and have the spirit of the cowboy, you’re a cowboy.  And so, when you visit us, we’ll be communicating “Cowboy to Cowboy.”

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