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Old West TV: The Bandit Queen Pearl Hart

On this edition of Chronicle of the Old West TV Dakota Livesay tells the story of the “Bandit Queen” Pearl Hart.

Old West TV: Samuel Maverick

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the term “Maverick”? Cattle and the Old West are the discussion of this particular story of Chronicle of the Old West with Dakota Livesay.

Old West TV: The Arizona Rangers

On this episode of Chronicle of the Old West TV Dakota Livesay gives us a brief history on what the Arizona Rangers were all about!

Old West TV: Texas John Slaughter

Texas John Slaughter was cheated out of his win by Barney Gallagher. To retrieve his money, Slaughter went all the way to New Mexico, where he found him on Chisum’s ranch and shot him down. Dakota Livesay gives us an explanation of this and also how Tombstone was won!

Old West TV: Women Jurors

In honor of Women’s Day we get a lesson on what women were doing back in the 1800’s as jurors according to Dakota Livesay and his Chronicle of the Old West.

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