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California Gold Rush - James MarshallDakota Livesay gives us a history lesson about the California Gold Rush and James Marshall, an American carpenter and sawmill operator, who reported the finding of gold at Coloma on the American River in California on January 24, 1848, the impetus for the California Gold Rush.

Cowboy CoffeeArbuckles’ Ariosa Cowboy Coffee was a staple of chuckwagons, restaurants and hotels back in the Old West, and to this day you can still enjoy the coffee that has always been Best in the West. Dakota Livesay and his granddaughter Quinn recently shared a word about this great product.

From Dakota: “I discovered if I do a video with one grandchild I had to do one with the other. Because it was the choice of Old West cowboys we had to do a video about Arbuckles’ Cowboy Coffee.

Old West TV – The Great Camel Experiment

The Great Camel ExperimentDakota Livesay talks about the Great Camel Experiment, when Secretary of War Jefferson Davis asked Congress to fund an experimental herd of camels in the 1855! “My admiration for the camels increases daily with my experience of them. The harder the test they are put to the more fully they seem to justify all that can be said of them,” Edward Fitzgerald Beale wrote in his journal on September 21, 1857. But all did not turn out exactly like Lt. Beale hoped.

John Wayne McLintock WeathervaneFrom Dakota:
    “Our children and grandchildren came to visit Sunny and me over Thanksgiving.
   We were talking about the John Wayne McLintock Weathervane when someone said, “If it’s so great why don’t we make a commercial about it?”
   My grandson Kaine is a performer, so he was all for it. I wasn’t so sure, but I was drafted.”

To check out the classic McLintock Weathervane click HERE.

Old West TV – Charles M. Russell

On this episode of Chronicle of the Old West TV, Dakota Livesay shares the history of Old West artist Charles M. Russell.

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