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Chuckwagon: Cowboy Corn Muffins For Breakfast

Farmer’s Almanac 1885

    Cowboy Corn MuffinsFor Cowboy Corn Muffins, pour one quart of boiling milk over one pint of fine cornmeal.  While the mixture is still hot, add one tablespoonful of butter and a little salt, stirring the batter thoroughly.  Let is stand until cool, then add a small cup of wheat flour and two well-beaten eggs.  When mixed sufficiently, put the batter into well-greased shallow tins (or, better yet, into gem pans) and bake in a brisk over for one-half hour, or until richly browned.  Serve hot.

*Courtesy of Chronicle of the Old West newspaper, for more click HERE.

Chuckwagon: Winter Red Flannel Hash

       Red Flannel HashA great way to use left over corned beef is to add a few new ingredients and create Red Flannel Hash.  Who knows who came up with the beets, but it really is colorful, and sticks to the ribs.

            1 ½ Cups chopped corned beef

            1 ½ Cups chopped cooked beets

            1 Medium onion, chopped

            4 Cups chopped cooked potatoes

    Chop ingredients separately, then mix together.  Heat all ingredients in a well- greased skillet, slowly, loosen around the edges, and shake to prevent scorching.  After a nice crust forms on bottom, turn out on a warmed plate and serve.  If it seems a little dry add a little beef broth.  Try with a couple poached eggs, for a hearty meal.

*Courtesy of Chronicle of the Old West newspaper, for more click HERE.

Chuckwagon: Chuckwagon Terms

Chuckwagon TermsChuckwagon Terms:

Wreck pan – The pan in which cowboys placed their dirty dishes following a meal.

Squirrel can – The large can in which cowboys scraped the food scraps before placing them in the wreck pan.

Cook’s last job of the evening – Point the tongue of the chuckwagon toward the north so the herd could “follow the tongue” the next day.

Gut robber, greasy belly, biscuit shooter – Cowboys names for both the ranch house and trail drive cook.

Coffee recipe – A hand full of coffee for every cup of water.

Possum belly – A rawhide apron attached to the underside of the chuckwagon in which wood and buffalo chips are stored for the dinner fire.

Why cooks threw dirty dishwater under chuckwagon – This helped protect the cook’s domain by discouraging cowboys from taking a nap in the shade under the chuckwagon.

*Courtesy of Chronicle of the Old West newspaper, for more click  HERE.

Chuckwagon: Old Fashioned Shortcake

Old Fashioned Shortcake from an 1891 recipe book entitled “Palatable Dishes.”

Chuckwagon: Old Fashioned ShortcakeFor Old Fashioned Shortcake take one quart of nice buttermilk, add to it one teaspoonful of soda, quarter of a teaspoonful of salt, one tablespoonful of unmelted lard, then stir in enough sifted flour to make as soft a dough as can be handled. Roll out to about half an inch thick, cut into diamonds and bake quickly.

*Courtesy of Chronicle of the Old West newspaper, for more click HERE.

Chuckwagon: Spiced Corn Beef

To 10 pounds of beef, take 2 cups salt, 2 cups molasses, 2 tablespoonfuls saltpeter, 1 tablespoonful ground pepper, 1 tablespoonful cloves; rub well into the beef.

Turn every day, and rub the mixture in. Will be ready for use in 10 days.

*Courtesy of Chronicle of the Old West newspaper, for more click HERE.

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