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Often things moved fast in the Old West.  Today’s hero is sometimes tomorrow’s bum.  Or, in Caldwell, Kansas toGeorge Flattday’s hero is tomorrow’s dead bum.

Born in Tennessee, George Flatt, went out to Caldwell, Kansas.  George had a bit of a stubborn streak that came out in July of 1879.  After more than a few drinks, a couple of cowboys in the Occidental Saloon started shooting their pistols.  Constable Kelly and a posse that included George Flatt came to take care of the problem.  The posse cautiously entered the saloon, and saw the two cowboys with their guns pointed at them.  The cowboys started for the door.  But Flatt stepped forward and blocked the door.  Carrying two guns, the cowboys demanded that he drop them.  Flatt responded, “I’ll die first.”  A shot from one of the cowboys whizzed past Flatt’s head.  Flatt went into action.  Each gun took out a cowboy.

Things moved fast in Caldwell.  In a matter of weeks, George Flatt advanced from posse member to the city’s first marshal.  And capitalizing on his new found fame he went into partnership with William Horseman operating a saloon.

But many times as fast as things go well, just as fast they turn bad.  Flatt was a heavy drinker.  And within a year not only had his partnership with Horseman fallen apart, but Horseman had even replaced him as city marshal.

Then on Saturday evening, June 19, 1880 after spending some time drinking in the bars, George Flat headed for home.  From the dark a rifle shot rang out.  It hit Flatt in the skull.  Once he was down, three more slugs filled his body.  Yes, things moved fast in Caldwell, Kansas…From a marshal and businessman to a dead drunk laying face down in the dirt in less than a year.


I’m excited to announce my long awaited book…at least it was long awaited for me…is now available. The book is titled “Living The Code” and is based on seven principles that represent the precepts developed on America’s frontier and made us a great country.

Since 2004 I’ve been promoting these principles through Chronicle of the Old West publication and our radio shows.

This is a book I truly believe has the capability of changing a person’s life. To get more information go to


I would think most of you are familiar with the National Festival of the West, and the fact that it didn’t take place this year.

I spoke to Mary Brown…the founder of the event. She said the event will be back on line in 2013. It will take place from March 21 to 24 at Westworld in Scottsdale.

If you are interested in keeping up with things as they move along visit their web site:

We’re always sorry when we loose an Old West venue, but happy when it comes back.


We’re headed down the hill to Phoenix to catch a flight to Seattle, Washington to go on our Following the Legends Cruise to Alaska.

Sunny and I, along with a group of Old West enthusiasts are going to be spending a week on Princess Cruise traveling along the inland passage.

During the Alaska gold rush Wyatt Earp, John Clum…founder of the Tombstone Epitaph and mayor of Tombstone…Nellie Cashman…the miner’s angel, both in Alaska and Tombstone…and con-man Soapy Smith were all up there.

In addition it was extremely tough for the gold miners. They had to take a year’s supply of food with them. The food and equipment would weigh about 2,000 pounds. To get these provisions to the gold fields, a prospector would have to make 30 round trips for a total of 2,500 miles. The picture shows the line of miners on the trail.

We’re going to have a lot of fun…Wish you were here.


Boy was I taken back to the days of yesteryear as I attended the Silver Screen Project Show put on by Marvin O’Dell and friends.

This is a multi-media show about the heyday of the “B” and TV Westerns, with film clips, photos, live songs and commentary. Everyone was covered from Tom Mix to Roy Rogers. Incidentally, Tom and Roy weren’t the first and last of the B-Western heroes, they’re just two of my favorites.

Incidentally, they take their show on the road. If you would be interested in their performing in your area, contact Marvin O’Dell at

I’m working on getting them up in the White Mountains of Arizona in August.

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